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Respect Yourself!


Publish Date: May 8, 2019

Nurses have been named the most trusted profession* for the 17th year in a row. Taking care of everyone else, handling the stress of the surgical suite, being an advocate for your surgical patients and working in a challenging team environment can deplete a nurse’s energy and stamina.

Can you add more energy and enthusiasm to your work day and take more time to honor and respect yourself?

Sometimes simple things are the easiest and best ways to take control of your day and your attitude. Here are seven ideas to get started:

  1. Show Yourself Gratitude—Do you thank everyone else, but take yourself for granted? Start today by thanking yourself and recognizing what you have to offer, especially professionally. You are universally respected, and patients are thankful and grateful for your expertise and compassion. YOU are the healthcare professional patients look to first and foremost to advocate and coordinate their care in the OR. Don’t take for granted how vital you are to safe patient care.

  2. Get Adequate Sleep – Making time to get adequate rest gives your body and mind time to recover and be revitalized for the next day’s work.

  3. Breathe, Exercise, Eat Healthy—Feeling stressed? Stop and take deep breaths throughout the day. Are you exercising and eating a healthy diet? How wonderful we feel when we are taking care of ourselves! Don’t underestimate the critical role physical health plays in our mental and emotional state and outlook.

  4. Keep your Thoughts Positive—Stop immediately when you have a negative thought and think of three things you are grateful for and then if you need to, think of three more things that you are grateful for. See how your body changes when you shift from negative to positive thoughts.

  5. Accept Change—We know change is inevitable, but it can be difficult to embrace and leave you feeling powerless and defeated. Being flexible and accepting change helps to maintain a healthy mindset.

  6. Keep Learning from Life Lessons—What can you learn from your own trials or those of others? Can you focus on today and learn from the past, but not be stuck in it? Be grateful for life lessons, even when painful, because these experiences can leave a big impression and make you a more compassionate person and professional.

  7. Feed Your Passion—Passion feeds action. What can you do to drive your passion? It might be career-related (more education) or a hobby unconnected to your career. Fuel your passion and keep life fresh and exciting.

YOU are the most trusted professional. Now is the perfect time to show yourself more respect!

*Gallup, 2019.