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Here’s the Data - Now What?


Publish Date: December 12, 2018

Employers - AORN’s Salary Survey Data Can Help You Recruit Nurses

Experienced perioperative nurses are in short supply. Arming yourself with the latest salary data is essential if you are to compete in the marketplace for the most qualified nurses to fill your open positions.

For the 16th year, AORN surveyed perioperative nurses to examine the status of compensation in the United States. This survey was part of a continuing market research study that tracks compensation changes on a yearly basis and seeks to identify factors that influence how much perioperative nurses are paid. The survey also addressed job satisfaction, potential nursing turnover, and the reasons why some nurses are actively considering leaving their jobs.

How can you use the latest salary data to position your organization as a preferred employer for perioperative nurses? Simply follow a few basic steps – we’ve gathered and summarized the data for you! Assess how your facility compares in these variables:

  • Base compensation by job title
  • Pay by facility type
  • Pay by geographical region
  • Pay by educational level
  • Pay by # of staff supervised/managed

Review your compensation based on the above factors – if you fall short in an area, what do you offer that is unique? For example, if your base pay is lower than your competition, do you offer other compelling benefits, such as full tuition reimbursement? Leadership and career-advancement tracks? AORN membership? On-site day care? In your recruitment efforts, highlight the positive and unique advantages of working for your organization. Culture and work environment play a significant role in an employee’s commitment to stay or leave an employer. If you compare favorably to your competition in pay and benefits, you can highlight your pay scale and show applicants that you pay above average salaries. If you don’t compare favorably in pay variables, highlight the unique benefits and opportunities your organization offers employees.

A recap – here’s the data – now:

  1. Review the Salary Survey
  2. Compare Variables Affecting Pay
  3. Highlight the Positive Features of your organization (it may be pay or other unique and compelling reasons for nurses to work for you!)
  4. Share the news with qualified applicants and let them know the benefits of working for your organization