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Save the Date! December 31, 2020


Publish Date: December 11, 2019

Fast forward – picture yourself one year from now, December 31, 2020, when the Year of the Nurse will be drawing to a close. Have you stayed committed to achieving job satisfaction and professional growth, or have you settled and, somehow, another year has just slipped by? What has the Year of the Nurse meant to you professionally and personally?

The Year of the Nurse reminds us of our value in the safe care of surgical patients. It can also motivate us to recommit to our professional development. Before the new year gets underway, establish your goals and then create a check list that will keep you moving toward your vision. Plan to leverage the benefits of your AORN membership as part of your growth strategy. AORN benefits will support your career objectives, that is, if you make use of the many resources at your fingertips.

Career Coaching

As an AORN member you receive 90 minutes of career coaching as a benefit. Sign up for complimentary career coaching from Dr. Phyliis, a renowned career advisor in nursing

AORN Career Center

Explore hundreds of perioperative positions waiting to be filled by top nurses like you. Discover employers dedicated to patient safety and nursing excellence. Get expert advice and tools specifically designed for perioperative nurses who want to develop their career.

Reach out to the AORN Career Center for support, advice, and assistance – AORN’s full-time, dedicated staff is always available to guide you in your pursuit of professional satisfaction and reward.

Save the date – December 31, 2020

Mark your calendar to celebrate your 2020 accomplishments. The Year of the Nurse has been about you and all you’ve done to keep surgical patients safe. And it’s about all you’ve done for yourself to build your confidence as a professional. Congratulations from AORN – we knew you could do it! 

There has never been a better employment market for perioperative nurses. Use your expertise, education, AORN membership and experience to find the job that is the best fit for you. Take advantage of your career coaching benefit plus resources on the AORN Career Center site.

Take a look at AORN’s Job Seekers’ Video.