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Stand Tall in Your Job Search

Publish Date: November 28, 2018

Your job search will not be easy, however, it will be worth it!

Job searches are tough. It doesn’t matter whether you want to break free from a current dissatisfying setting, move to a new location, or find a position that gives you a step up. When you keep your eye on the rewards that can come from change, the job hunt might be a bit easier.

Here are some ideas that might help you.

Reduce the stress of your job search:

  1. Be mindful of your health. Ask yourself these questions to guide your food, activity, and life-style choices: “Does this contribute or negatively affect my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health? Is this the healthiest choice I can make?” Taking care of yourself will make your job search more enjoyable and less physically, emotionally and mentally taxing. Maintain and improve your physical health and you will have more confidence and energy for your job search.

  2. Focus on the present. It’s easy to let one’s mind become overwhelmed with career related thoughts of the past or worry about your future position/company. Focusing on the present will help you to channel all your energy on your present task – locating and securing the best position based on your expertise, criteria and interests. Focus on the present and set up a plan of action devoting at least 15 minutes, six days a week to career search tasks. Choose a task to focus on for 15 minutes and you will frequently find yourself too invested in the present task to stop after 15 minutes. For example, one task might be to simply visit the AORN Career Center and view all the job openings in your desired location. Remember to eat your elephant, one bite at a time!

  3. Appreciate and celebrate yourself. Remind yourself daily that you are an accomplished perioperative professional. Your expertise is highly sought-after and you represent the most trusted profession, nursing! (Gallup Poll, January, 2018). You are one of a kind, a trusted professional, who combines surgical expertise with compassionate care. You are a valuable contributor to the advancement of safe surgical care. Be kind and gentle with yourself and be as tolerant of yourself as you would be of your best friend! Set realistic expectations and time frames. You are looking for a position that is “right” for you and for the organization – a perfect fit. This takes time and an investment of energy and stamina!

  4. Stay Positive and Resilient! Rome wasn’t built in a day. You are looking for the “right” fit – a position that will be a win/win for you and the hiring organization. Look at each opportunity and result as a learning experience. What did you gain from the interview process? What would you do differently in the future? Understand, accept and continually appreciate that you have unique talents and experience and are looking for a special position that matches those talents. A rejection of your job application is not a rejection of YOU personally. Stay objective, stay focused, and stay in a learning mode throughout the process. Request feedback from the interviewer when you are not selected for the position.  Journal your thoughts and feelings to release any negative emotions associated with your job search. When you start having negative emotions and thoughts, stop and remind yourself of three things you are grateful for in your career. E.g., I am grateful people enjoy and request to work with me! I am grateful I pick up on technology easily. I am grateful I am trusted by patients and peers. I am grateful I had the discipline and drive to become a Perioperative Nurse!


You found a job before and you will find a job again. The journey may not be easy, but it will be worth it!

Let us help you! View career resources at the AORN Career Center, or contact [email protected] for assistance.