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4 Reasons Why Summer is a Great Time to Look for a New Job

A lot of people think summer is not a good time to start a job search, but it’s actually a great time to start looking for your next perioperative opportunity. Summer time can be as lazy or as productive as you choose. If you’ve been thinking about making the commitment to start looking for a better, higher-paying perioperative position; now is the time. We’ve collected four reasons why summer time is the best time to look for a new job.

1. Potentially Shorter Interview Process

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While summer vacation schedules can sometimes prolong the interview process, they can also expedite it. If the schedules of all involved align, facilities can speed up interviews to avoid the complexity of scheduling multiple meetings.

2. Posted Jobs are a High Priority

Jobs that are posted during the summer months are usually high priority since a lot of hiring managers and other staff members take vacations during the summer, they have less time and only hire unless they really have to.

3. Summer is a Social Time

You’re theoretically in contact with more people and have a greater chance of taking advantage of your built-in social network that could easily turn into a professional network. See what happens when you bring up you are in the market for a new job. Your next barbecue or your kid’s next baseball game might be where you land your dream job.

4. Less Competition

Competition drops significantly since your fellow job seekers think it is slow and stop looking. You’re simply up against much less competition during the summer. By getting, or staying, in the job hunting game you automatically stand out as employers will be impressed with your gumption during a generally more laid-back season.

Don’t let the lazy days of summer get in the way of landing your next dream job. Stay positive, focused, and committed; you’ll be starting your new perioperative position before the leaves begin to fall. Good luck and have fun.


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