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The Right Way to Leave Your Job

You have made the difficult decision to resign from your current position. Now what? How do you gracefully and professionally leave?

Consider these ideas to make this a positive experience for you and your employer:

  • Schedule a meeting with your immediate supervisor and during that meeting verbally resign.

Be prepared for the unexpected, for example, your supervisor may

  • Ask you to reconsider and stay at the organization in the same or a different position, or stay with an increase in pay – how will you answer? Be prepared.
  • Ask you to leave the same day – thank your supervisor for their time and tell them how much you’ve appreciated working at the organization
  • Provide your supervisor a written letter of resignation
    • Your resignation letter should include:
  • Date of resignation (minimum of two weeks, manager and above, four or more weeks)
  • Position title
  • Reason for leaving
  • A thank you for the opportunity to work with the organization.
  • Assurance of help with a transition plan for your replacement

Keep the tone of the letter positive, regardless of the reason you are leaving the position.

Depart your position leaving a positive impression, no matter how you are feeling. Complete work assignments with 100% commitment and organize your work to create a seamless transition for your supervisor and replacement. We are too often remembered by how we leave, rather than how we did the job. Keep in mind your colleagues today could very well be your colleagues tomorrow.

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