Leadership Events

Connect with your peers

The AORN Center for Nursing Leadership provides exceptional networking opportunities, problem solving and relationship building through face to face events where you can connect with your peers.
AORN ASC Administrator Skills Course

Ambulatory Administrator Skills Course

Preparedness Leads to Profitability

Learn how to successfully manage a profitable ASC through a unique program, the ASC Administrator Skills Course, which blends a face-to-face seminar with online learning modules. Designed for both new and experienced ASC professionals, this program provides attendees with the most current information—specific to the ASC environment—that will help you achieve your business goals.

Executive Leadership Summit Symposium Recordings

Hear from expert speakers on topics pertinent for perioperative nurse leaders from AORN's Executive Leadership Summit.

Practical Periop Analytics for Performance Improvement - AORN Nurse Executive Leadership Seminar - Fall 2017

Nurse Executive Leadership Seminars

Practical Periop Analytics for Performance Improvement

Perioperative leaders are being asked to do more with less every day. Administrators, vendors, and consultants continually promote analytics as a way to track, measure, and achieve clinical and business goals. It’s essential for today’s perioperative leaders to understand what analytics are and how they can be used to improve processes and patient safety. Discover how analytics can help you take the lead in identifying, planning, and implementing changes in your perioperative setting to increase performance and efficiency.