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AORN offers publications through the Center for Nursing Leadership that help you stay informed on the changes in health care and provide resources to increase your skills as a perioperative leader.

Books & CDs

The 27 Challenges Managers Face

Regardless of industry or job title, managers cite the same recurring challenges: the superstar the manager is afraid of losing, the slacker the manager cannot figure out how to motivate, just to name a few.

Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High, Second Edition

This book will give you the tools to prepare for high-stakes situations, transform anger and hurt feelings into powerful dialogue, and make it safe to talk about almost anything.

Crucial Accountability: Tools for Resolving Violated Expectations, Broken Commitments, and Bad Behavior, Second Edition

Hold anyone accountable. Master performance discussions. Get results. Crucial Accountability offers the tools for improving relationships and resolving all these problems.

Decision-Making in Nursing: Thoughtful Approaches for Leadership (with Online Access)

Explores multiple decision-making approaches to enable nurses to become insightful, critical, flexible, and confident decision makers in today’s complex healthcare environment.

Lean Training Games in the OR

Lean training often includes hands-on exercises to demonstrate important Lean methods. In this case the term simulation refers to a classroom exercise that mimics the functioning of a real-world system, but in much less time and much less effort.

Evaluation of Science and Technology Education at the Dawn of a New Millennium

An upbeat, provocative, visionary and useful volume on educational evaluation. Of special utility is its grounding in issues and practices relating to evaluations of science and technology education.

Health Care System Transformation for Nursing and Health Care Leaders: Implementing a Culture of Caring

This is a time-tested, practical guide for nurses and other healthcare professionals who wish to transform their healthcare systems based on caring values and the promotion of intra- and inter-professional dialogue among stakeholders.

Meeting the Challenge of Human Resource Management

Human resource managers are expected to be especially adept communicators. This book explores the intersection of human resource management and communication to highlight new opportunities.

Multi-criteria Decision Analysis for Supporting the Selection of Engineering Materials in Product Design

This book describes the growing field of MCDM applied to materials selection. It is intended for academic teaching and research, as well as practitioners involved in materials engineering and design.

Perioperative Competency Verification Tools & Job Descriptions CD

The ultimate assortment of ready-to-use, customizable templates for verifying competency to meet facility and regulatory requirements and for developing consistent job descriptions.

Perioperative Leaders Package (2014)

Three of AORN's top publications that will guide your team to be their best, including the 2014 edition of Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices.

Perioperative Leaders 3-CD Package (2014)

Three of AORN's top publications (in CD format) that will help guide your team to be their best, including the 2014 edition of Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices.

Planning and Management of Meetings, Expositions, Events and Conventions

The first text of its kind to focus on planning (in addition to event management), and follows a practice, hands-on approach.

Policy & Procedure Templates, 3rd Edition CD

This CD provides a collection of 30 customizable policy and procedure documents, updated to reflect best practices for perioperative team members.

Practical Leadership in Nursing and Health Care

This multidisciplinary text is an essential introduction to leadership in health care, combining the underpinning theory with a practical approach.

Quick Changeover in the OR

Quick Changeover has been a core method in the world of manufacturing, but the same basic approach can be applied to the changeover of an OR suite, a patient room, or any case where we need to improve asset utilization.

Supplies Management in the OR

This book describes the Kanban method in detail from the OR perspective and for application in the OR, but also applies to any place where supplies are used and stored.

Understanding and Using Financial Data, Supplement

This book walks through the myriad of items found in corporate annual reports, balance sheets and financial statements.

Understanding Healthcare Financial Management

Understanding Healthcare Finance, Sixth Edition provides the financial theory and the "nuts and bolts" tools managers need for managerial decision making.

Value Stream Mapping in the OR

One of the first steps in a Lean initiative is the development of several Value Stream Maps, flowcharts that document all of the processes required to deliver a product or service from start to finish.

Journal CEs

Application of Radio-frequency Identification in Perioperative Care (August 2011)

Application of security-gated management systems is an important and effective way to help ensure a clean, convenient, and safe management process to manage costs in the perioperative area and promote patient safety.

Hybrid OR 101: A Primer for the OR Nurse (January 2013)

A hybrid OR incorporates fixed imaging in a sterile OR setting. The ability to successfully plan, design, and implement a hybrid OR program requires strategic vision and the cohesive efforts of a multidisciplinary team, of which the OR nurse is a key member.

Implementing AORN Recommended Practices for Product Selection (June 2012)

Hospitals and ambulatory surgery facilities should have protocols in place for product evaluation that includes a multidisciplinary team approach. Because of varied roles and experiences, the perioperative RN is an integral member of the product selection committee.

Implementing a Bariatric Surgery Program (February 2013)

Currently, the most effective means of losing a substantial amount of weight and maintaining the weight loss is bariatric surgery. Health care providers, especially those in surgical services, must be able to safely care for patients undergoing these surgeries.

Perioperative Leadership: Managing Change With Insights, Priorities, and Tools (July 2014)

This article presents an approach to perioperative nursing leadership that addresses obstacles that prevent surgical departments from achieving high performance in clinical and financial outcomes.

A Practical Guide to Applying Lean Tools and Management Principles to Health Care Improvement Projects (January 2012)

Manufacturing organizations have used Lean management principles for years to help eliminate waste, streamline processes, and cut costs. This pragmatic approach to structured problem solving can be applied to health care process improvement projects.

Transforming Nursing Practice: Barriers and Solutions (September 2013)

All nurses should practice to the full extent of their education and training. Barriers need to come down that prevent nurses from reaching their full potential at a time when the US health care system needs to be operating at full capacity.