Leadership Webinars

AORN’s Center for Nursing Leadership webinars offer online access to online courses and recorded webinars on a variety of topics for your continuing development as a perioperative leader.

Previously Recorded Webinars

NELS Fall 2017: Perioperative Benchmarking for Performance Improvement

As the business of health care becomes more competitive, perioperative nurse executives face both longstanding and new challenges in effectively managing resources, revenue, and costs, while maintaining high standards of patient care and the facility’s fiscal viability. Learn more about benchmarking, a necessary strategy to continuously monitor overall efficiency and improve performance.

ASC Development Series Part 1

Overview of Ambulatory Surgery Center Industry Trends

Learn about the current dynamics in the ambulatory surgery center industry and how to factor those market conditions into ambulatory surgery center development planning.

ASC Development Series Part 2

ASC Business Planning & Organization Formation

Get insight gained through many years of planning and developing successful ASCs, plus a roadmap of key steps for those embarking on new ASC initiatives.

ASC Development Series Part 3

ASC Design & Development

Learn the key steps and decision points involved in the design and development process of an ASC.

ASC Development Series Part 4

Operation Preparation in the ASC Environment - Key to Success

The critical elements involved in the Operations Preparation (“Ops Prep”) stage of their ambulatory surgery center development.

Boosting Employee Engagement

Learn why employee engagement is important, and things you can do to foster an environment of engagement.

Building a Case for Change

Successful change begins with clarity about your goals and how to achieve them.

Building Leadership Influence Through DiSC

When used effectively, DiSC is one of the most powerful tools you have as a leader to influence behavior in the workplace.

Building Stakeholder Support

The ability to build support among diverse stakeholders is central to any change effort. Learn how to segment stakeholders for greater success.

Effective Corrective Action

You will learn why corrective action is important, and how to develop a culture of accountability within your department.

Emotional Intelligence - The Real Antidote to Incivility

A Fall 2016 Nurse Executive Leadership seminar follow-up webinar.

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Five Keys to Lean Success: Avoiding Common Lean Pitfalls

Lean is one very useful tool for achieving quality that is easy off the tongue, but confusing to many.

Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program

Get information about the HFAP survey process which is non-punitive and consultative. Surveyors also provide education during their onsite surveys.

HR Strategies 1: Recruitment, Retention & Recognition = Satisfaction

The ability to attract and retain quality nurses is a challenge for healthcare facilities across the country. The future of our profession is dependent on staff satisfaction and recognition.

Influencing Change in your Workplace

Influence as an action requires skill, conscious intent, determination and planning. It is the primary tool which can drive the only kind of change that is worth the effort.

Is your ASC Really OSHA Compliant?

Get a comprehensive OSHA Survey Checklist to assist in preparing for a survey.

Key to Leader Success

You will learn what it means to be an effective leader and why you should care about employee engagement.

Managing Difficult People & Personality Types

This webinar provides tools for appropriate diagnosis and for determining the most effective approach for remedy.

Managing the Change Process

A systematic framework is needed to keep stakeholder focus on forward movement. Get eight Key Steps for Change Management.

The New Era of Health Care Reform, Part 1

Focus on the implementation of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act.

The New Era of Health Care Reform, Part 2

Focus on the various strategies health systems are exploring in order to deliver more care but at higher levels of quality and at lower cost.

The New Era of Health Care Reform, Part 3

Discuss the major forces that continue to drive up healthcare spending in the US.

Progress Report on the 30/60/90 Day Action Plan to Create a Zero Tolerance for Bullying and Incivility

Evaluate your organization’s progress in developing and implementing the Action Plan to address bullying and incivility at the 30 day, 60 day and 90 day point.

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Speaking Up: Creating an Effective Business Case

Identifies strategies for effectively presenting a business case to the C-suite to obtain the resources needed to address and resolve many operational issues.

The Top 10 Things a Perioperative Nurse Executive Needs to Know about SPD

This webinar will review the key factors perioperative nursing leaders need to know for developing and supporting a successful SPD. Discussion topics:

  • Various factors in the SPD that can adversely affect productivity in the perioperative practice setting
  • 10 essential components of the SPD that impact overall efficiencies and patient safety
  • Key considerations for determining an appropriate productivity standard in the SPD

Participants are encouraged to bring current issues, past experiences, challenges, and success stories related to initiatives for improving efficiencies in the SPD for discussion with the speakers and other attendees during the interactive portion of the webinar.

Transformational Leadership Rounding

Effective rounding focuses everyone on what is important and identifies problems early.

Two Techniques Great Leaders Use for Sustainment in Process Improvements

Through Dashboards and Leadership Rounding, learn how to improve your team's chance for success.

Value-Based Purchasing: Headed Your Way

This presentation will outline the VBP program and its significance for the facility and Perioperative nurses.

Zero Tolerance for Lateral Violence: Changing the Culture

Lateral violence continues to be a recurring topic in in healthcare discussions. This webinar provides information on common types of lateral violence and guidance on responding to signs of stress, anger or emotional issues.