Chapter Elections and Installations

Each Chapter should have a written policy for the process of electing officers. For any elected position, it is important to establish the qualifications for the position first. Matching potential candidates' qualifications with the needs of the jobs helps ensure successful candidates. 

The Nominating and Leadership Development Committee (NLDC) is an elected or appointed committee of the Chapter. Their goal is to prepare a slate of qualified candidates for the elected offices/positions in the Chapter. Note: Members of this committee may not be listed as a candidate for election on the ballot. This allows for a truly anonymous ballot and avoids any conflict of interest. 

Nominating and Leadership Development Committee Responsibilities

  • Announce Opportunities: Chapter officer and committee job descriptions (PDF), along with the qualifications, time commitment, and length of term, is sent to the membership. 
  • Call for Nominations: When all positions have been adequately advertised, there is a call for nominations with a clearly set deadline. Potential candidates should complete a willingness-to-serve form (Word Doc) with their name, position desired, and why they want the position. 
  • Verify Eligibility: After the nomination deadline, all candidates' eligibility is verified (active membership status, member of the Chapter, meets qualifications of the Chapter bylaws) and all material submitted by each candidate is reviewed. 
  • Prepare a Slate: Prepare a slate of candidates and present the slate to the Chapter officers for approval.  
  • Prepare the Ballot: Once approved, prepare the ballot for distribution to the membership. If a mail or email voting system is used, make sure the deadline for ballots is clearly stated (received/postmarked by). 
  • Compile the Ballots: Compile the results of voting and announce results to the Chapter membership. 
  • Update Chapter Officers Online: Before your current Chapter officer’s terms expire, one of those officers should email updates to Be sure to indicate beginning and end of term dates on each position. 
  • Plan Installation: Once the election results have been announced, plan an installation of new officers. Here are some ideas of installation ceremonies. 

Note: If your Chapter does not have an Nominating and Leadership Development Committee, the above responsibilities may be assigned to other Chapter officers/leaders. 

Note: All Chapter officers will receive the monthly Chapter Leader Bulletin.   

Note: It is highly recommended that names and addresses of all past Chapter officers be retained by the Chapter.