National Time Out Day

National Time Out Day 2017

Raise Awareness, Increase Engagement: Be a Time Out Super Hero

AORN is partnering with The Joint Commission in taking National Time Out Day on June 14, 2017 as an opportunity to ask every perioperative team member to be a SUPER HERO for patient safety. This SUPER HERO acronym stands for nine elements of a safety culture that can come into play as part of practicing a Time Out, including:

Support a safety culture

Use The Joint Commission’s Universal Protocol and AORN Surgical Checklist

Proactively reduce risk in the OR

Effect change in your organization

Reduce harm to patients


Have frank discussions about hazardous situations

Empower others to speak up when a patient is at-risk

Respect others on the surgical team

Openly seek opportunities for improving patient safety

Speak Up, Reach Out

National Time Out Day is a powerful tool that supports surgical nurses’ ability to speak up for safe practices in the operating room. It provides an opportunity to educate your community about this practice and become better informed patients (read more about this in Periop Insider). Time Out also demonstrates your role in patient care and commitment to patient safety as the perioperative nurse who cares for them. 

Sending a letter to the editor of your local papers is simple way to demonstrate your dedication to patient safety with your community. AORN also encourages perioperative nurses to write legislators about the importance of taking a time out every time. Legislators are not often familiar with what happens in an operating room and as legislation comes across their desks that impacts the OR, it is crucial that they understand the role of RN Circulators.

If you receive a response from your legislator or are published in your local paper, please let Danielle Glover, AORN Government Affairs Manager, know.