AORN Go Clear Award™ Program

Protect Your Team and Patients from Surgical Smoke

Join the more than 500 surgical teams who’ve made surgical smoke evacuation a top priority. The AORN Go Clear Award™ Program is a comprehensive surgical smoke-free recognition program for facilities who want to ensure a smoke-free environment.

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The Hidden Dangers of Surgical Smoke

Surgical smoke is the by-product of using energy-generating devices (e.g., electrosurgery units, lasers, ultrasonic devices, powered surgical instruments [e.g., orthopedic saws]).

Perioperative nurses report twice as many respiratory issues as compared to the general population.1

Become an Advocate

AORN has partnered with Medtronic through the AORN Foundation to create the AORN Go Clear Award Program. The program is designed to help your facility attain this crucial professional recognition.

There are three Go Clear Award designations – Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Facilities are rated on:

  • Education performance
  • Smoke evacuation compliance
  • Ensuring your facility has sufficient smoke evacuators and accessories

View the facilities who have implemented the AORN Go Clear Award Program to go surgical smoke-free.

Take Action!

The free education and resources in the program will help your facility improve its surgical smoke safety efforts by:

  • Protecting your team and patients from the hazards of surgical smoke
  • Attracting and retaining the best clinicians due to a healthier, smoke-free environment
  • Providing education on the risks of surgical smoke and methods for smoke evacuation
  • Increasing smoke evacuation compliance on all surgical smoke generating procedures

“The Go Clear Award Program was a huge success; really supportive information and tools. The program is extremely comprehensive. Since rolling out the program, our compliance has gone up 90%.”

Jeff Belcher RN, BSN, CSSM

Interim Director, PeriOperative Services