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Guidelines Assessment

The orientation and onboarding of an experienced perioperative RN can be a challenging process for the orientation provider and personnel involved in hiring experienced perioperative RNs in various practice settings, specifically for new hires. An assessment of a perioperative RN’s abilities to provide nursing care using clinical reasoning, problem-solving skills, and knowledge of recommended practices is a vital part of the orientation process in any perioperative setting.

The purpose of the Guidelines Assessment is to identify gaps in knowledge, clinical reasoning skills, and problem-solving skills related to current Guidelines for Perioperative Practice. The feedback gained from this module assists orientation providers (e.g. educators, managers, orientation coordinators, human resources personnel, and staffing agencies for travel nurses) as well as experienced perioperative RNs.

Contact Hours:

Participants receive 2.0 Contact Hours/AEU after completion of each individual course and evaluation. Contact hours for these courses will expire June 30, 2024.


Denotes an Education Program approved for AEU credit by BASC Provider #0102. AEU credit available upon request only by calling Customer Service at 800-755-2676.

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