Onboarding for the ASC

Make a Seamless Transition to the Ambulatory Surgery Center

The Perioperative RN who is transitioning from an acute care facility to an ambulatory surgery center needs to gain a better understanding of how productivity, risk management, and supply chain management is managed differently in the ASC.

This course provides that information and much more with the following four modules:

  • Risk Management in an Ambulatory Surgery Center
    Provides a understanding of what a risk manager in an ASC does and why it is crucial for a successful surgery center to have an ethical, effective, proactive risk management program.

  • Understanding Productivity in an Ambulatory Surgery Center
    Helps the perioperative nurse working in an ASC understand how productivity is measured and how it may impact the overall financial stability of the center.

  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management
    Provides an understanding of supply chain management and how, both directly and indirectly, that affects profitability for an ASC.

  • Medication Safety Assessment
    Tests your knowledge of the most common medications that are administered in an ASC, including the seven rights of medication administration.