Access Now: FDA Recommends Transition from Use of Decontaminated Disposable Respirators

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These events are intended for nurses and healthcare staff working in a patient care facility. Registration is not open to consultants and industry representatives.

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How Infection Prevention is Shifting in the ASC
Part 2: March 11

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How Infection Prevention is Shifting in the ASC

Part 2
Fit Testing Your Respirators in ASCs

Sponsored by 3M

Learn how to ensure your respirator equipment fits, protects, and meets regulatory requirements. Find out how to best implement an ASC-specific respirator program to ensure proper mask use. One size does not fit all, and a one-time fitting isn’t enough.

This free event will:

  • Review respiratory protection program regulations and standards and how to implement them in your ASC
  • Demonstrate how fit testing can be incorporated into your respirator program
  • Cover types of respiratory protection that requires fit testing, when fit testing is required, where medical surveillance fits into the program, and methods of fit testing.
  • Discuss updates of fit testing guidance related to COVID-19

1 CH available. Accreditation and Disclaimer 

Director, Clinical Education, Surgical Care Affiliates

Stacy Richardson, IHT, CRSP, BSc
Senior Health and Safety Application Professional
Personal Safety Division, 3M


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