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Upcoming Webinar

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Surgical Fire Prevention and Extinguishment


October has been designated Fire Prevention Month – a time when organizations across the country focus on the importance of fire safety. AORN promotes surgical fire prevention year round but we have recently produced this webinar to showcase the top ways to prevent surgical fires and how to effectively extinguish them.

While surgical fire incidence is very low, the consequence in the event of fire can be serious or fatal. Fortunately the annual number of surgical fires in the US has decreased, thanks in part to the ongoing vigilance of professional organizations, government agencies, and health systems to mitigate its risk. Understanding and implementing surgical fire prevention strategies may extinguish recurrence once and for all.


  • Identify common oxidizers, fuels, and ignition sources of surgical fires, and the hazards of oxygen enrichment.
  • Describe clinical recommendations on how to minimize the risk of surgical fire.
  • Discuss how to extinguish a fire on a patient or medical device.

Speaker: Scott R. Lucas, PhD, PE

CH: This webinar will award one (1.0) CH after evaluation completion.

Up in Smoke: New Guideline Highlights

November 16, 2016
Wednesday, 1pm (PT); 2pm (MT); 3pm (CT); 4pm (ET)

Surgical smoke is the by-product of using energy-generating devices and may contain gaseous toxic compounds, bio-aerosols, viruses, viable cancer cells, and more! Join us for this webinar to learn about the new, evidence-based, AORN Guideline for Surgical Smoke Safety.


  • Describe the contents of surgical smoke
  • Describe the health effects of inhaling surgical smoke
  • List interventions to mitigate the harmful effects of surgical smoke
  • Discuss the barriers to establishing a smoke-free perioperative environment

Speaker: Mary Ogg, MSN, RN, CNOR

CH: This webinar will award one (1.0) CH after evaluation completion.

Price: Free