Nursing Research Topics

AORN topics for evidence-based practice and clinical scholarship include nursing priorities for patient safety, team functioning, systems of care delivery, perioperative education and administration, gap analysis, and outcomes related to guidelines.

Patient Safety

  • Role of human factors engineering in perioperative settings

Team Functioning

  • Team characteristics that impact optimal patient outcomes
  • How best to support a culture of safety
  • Role of communication in effectiveness and efficiency in surgery
  • Nurse/nurse and nurse/physician relationships and impact on effectiveness and efficiency 
  • Effects of horizontal violence
  • Effects of bullying
  • Impact of checklist on team behaviors
  • Effects of simulation on team behaviors 
  • Impact of specialty teams on optimal patient outcomes

Systems of Care Delivery

Nature of work-related injuries among perioperative staff members 
  • Role of fatigue and stress
  • Occupational exposure to noxious substances
  • Relationship of staff safety and patient safety
Outcomes related to location of delivery of care 
  • Hospital
  • Ambulatory surgery
  • Office-based surgery
Outcomes related to legislative and regulatory initiatives
  • Impact of healthcare delivery changes (e.g. Affordable Care Act) on work flow, patient care delivery, patient/family centered care, etc.
 Outcomes related to special populations of care◦Pediatrics
  • Geriatrics
  • Other special populations
Role of cultural diversity in perioperative practice◦Patient education

Uses of technology for decision support
  • Use of display systems for communication of patient information
 Impact of nurse characteristics on optimal patient outcomes
  • Agency
  • Education
  • Certification
  • Experience
  • Outcomes related to use of RNFA

Perioperative Education and Administration

  • Effectiveness of Periop 101
  • Use of simulation for initial training and ongoing competency
  • Adequacy of staffing models

Gaps in Guidelines (not amenable to nursing-only research; needs collaboration)

Patient outcomes after implementation of Guidelines

Frequency and procedures for environmental cleaning

Contraindications for pneumatic tourniquet

Skin prep practices

  • Surgical site prevention bundle◦Hypothermia in special populations
  • Role of temperature and humidity
  • Role of laminar flow

Outcomes Related to Guidelines

  • Influence of culture 
  • Influence of cost
  • Methods to disseminate
  • Education practices