Guidelines: Print Edition

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A Critical Resource for Patient and Workplace Safety

Divided into five main topic areas, this essential resource provides 32 evidence-based guidelines for all perioperative and invasive procedures. Many accrediting bodies and state health agencies use the Guidelines for Perioperative Practice during their surveys making implementation of these guidelines critical to patient and workplace safety, managing risk, and securing healthcare reimbursements.

The 2017 edition includes the following new and extensively revised guidelines.

  • Hand Hygiene
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Patient Information Management
  • Surgical Smoke Safety
  • Safe Use of Energy-Generating Devices

Ambulatory supplements are included for the following guidelines.

  • Medication Safety
  • Prevention of Retained Surgical Items
  • Prevention of Transmissible Infections
  • Radiation Safety
  • Safe Environment of Care