Emails & Direct Mail

Targeted Emails & Custom Direct Mail ListsĀ 

We can build a custom list by job title, practice area, and/or geographical location. Email and direct mail options are ideal for companies who need to fill open positions, showcase products & services to decision makers, or geo-target promotions for events. 

Promotional Emails

Delivery: Delivered by AORN on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the advertiser's behalf. Scheduled delivery based on availability.

Audience: List and count are determined by segments selected by advertiser and managed by AORN in compliance with CAN-SPAM laws. Target by job titles, practice areas, and/or states.


  • Submit your subject line and HTML file (or text file with images)
  • HTML file should not exceed 600px in width or 800px in length  
  • Text file should not exceed 300 words
  • JPG or GIF images should not exceed 600px
  • Content is determined by advertiser and subject to approval by AORN
  • Submit complete materials 7 days prior to your schedule date of deployment for vetting, testing, and approval of your creative 
  • Email is delivered from AORN's email server on the advertiser's behalf
  • Performance metrics will be provided by AORN

  • $1.50 net per address + $200 set-up fee. Minimum $1,000 purchase order
  • Discounted rates for quantities over 7,500. Please inquire for details

Direct Mail List


  • List and count is determined by segments chosen by advertiser
  • Mail list are sent to advertiser via email in an Excel spreadsheet containing names, addresses, job titles, and credentials
  • A PDF proof of the mailer must be submitted to AORN for approval
  • Lists may not be used for market research purposes. Please contact AORN for market research options.

  • $0.35 net per address + $200 set-up fee. Minimum $500 purchase order

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