Ambulatory Surgical Center Membership (RN)

Let AORN help your Ambulatory Surgical Center create a collaborative team approach to creating practice excellence, and get access to educational resources for your entire perioperative nursing team.

For more information, including Ambulatory Surgical Center Membership pricing, contact Jacqueline Estlund (800-755-2676 Ext. 208).

Ambulatory Surgical Center Membership Benefits

  • ASC Infection Prevention Course (one registration per package)
  • Free eSubscription to the Guidelines for Perioperative Practice with online access for program members
  • Periop 101 Sterilization and Disinfection Module (one registration per package)
  • The Roadmap to ASC Compliance CD
  • AORN membership, including the award-winning AORN Journal, continuing education resources, clinical practice tools, Periop Insider e-newsletter, complimentary ANA affiliate membership, and much more.
  • Local AORN Chapter membership
  • Ability to transfer memberships

Membership Requirements

To enjoy the Ambulatory Surgical Center Group Membership savings, a minimum of 6 members is required. ASC members who are RNs may hold office and vote in the House of Delegates.