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New Surgical Construction Bulletin Reports First Quarter Projects
Publish Date: June 22, 2022

Outpatient Surgery Magazine’s New Surgical Construction Bulletin (NSCB) reports daily on the construction and renovation activities in the outpatient community around the country. Some projects are multi-million-dollar investments while others are smaller in scope, but each project announcement provides the important details for NSCB subscribers to make educated decisions about their interest in these new builds and renovations. This database keeps users informed about all 50 states 24/7.  

In 2021, NSCB reported a total of 481 new surgical projects over 12 months. They included 204 Hospital Renovations/Equipment, 196 new Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs), 47 new Hospitals, 31 ASC Renovations/Equipment and 3 Other. 

For the first quarter of 2022, activity was busy with a total of 113 projects reported. Each month had virtually the same number of projects announced with January 2022 reporting 39, February noting 38 and March with 38. The types of projects ranged from new hospitals and new ASCs to projects that called for major renovations, additions and equipment as well as Cath Labs. For more information on the New Surgical Construction Bulletin, go to www.surgicalconstruction.com. OSM