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Everything You Missed Online Last Month
OSD Staff
Publish Date: July 9, 2015   |  Tags:   News

In addition to the magazine you're holding, we here at Outpatient Surgery are busy creating tons of exclusive online content every week. There's the Tip of the Day, breaking news alerts, reader polls, discussion boards, OR Excellence conference updates and more. Here's some of what you may have missed last month.


Patient's iPhone Recorded Doctor's Diatribe
An anesthesiologist who trash-talked an unconscious colonoscopy patient was slapped with a $500K defamation verdict. Wait until you listen!

First-Case, On-Time Starts
81% of readers say the surgeon's lack of readiness — not anesthesia, the patient or the room — most often delays first-case starts.

Never Is Too Often
Inadequate communication is the root cause of most of the 500 wrong-site and 5,000 retained-object surgeries that occur every year.


Less Stress Is Best
Staff who exercise are less likely to burn out.

CONs: Hall Passes from the State
Lawmakers might revoke Florida's certificate-of-need law.

The Modern Sick Day
Can your employees text out sick, or must they call?


Spin Your Way In
An orthopedic surgeon's "spin move" makes gowning up for surgery faster, more efficient and even more fun.

Out of Pocket
1 in 5 Americans are covered by high-deductible insurance plans. How has this trend affected your facility's collections?

To Sleeve or Not to Sleeve
AORN recommends scrub jackets to prevent contamination while prepping patients, but don't long sleeves bring risks of their own?