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5 Steps to Fewer SSIs
Don't ignore the bacteria-fighting benefits of a back-to-basics approach to infection control.
Adam Taylor
Publish Date: November 13, 2019   |  Tags:   Infection Prevention
SKIN IN THE GAME Make sure your surgical, nursing and anesthesia teams are compliant with SSI prevention protocols.   |   Pamela Bevelhymer, RN, BSN, CNOR

Simple solutions are almost always best. No one will accuse your facility of providing groundbreaking surgical care if you make sure patients clean their skin before they arrive for surgery, your staff follow proper skin prepping and hand hygiene protocols, and nasal decolonization is part of your pre-op routine. Still, it's always a good idea to brush up on infection prevention's basic protocols and make sure they're being followed in your facility for a very practical reason: They work.

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