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Ideas That Work: Color Me Discreet
Practical pearls from your colleagues
Publish Date: November 11, 2022   |  Tags:   Ideas That Work Patient Experience
LA CONFIDENTIAL A green bracelet lets staff at a Los Angeles-area endoscopy center know to only provide discharge instructions to the person who’s driving the patient home.

Communication issues led to confusion for some Orange County Digestive Center patients who didn’t want the person who picked them up and drove them home to know the results of their procedure. 

The patients at the Irvine, Calif., endoscopy center said “Yes” when asked if their ride home could be informed of the results, but afterward expressed discomfort about the discussions having taken place in front of their relatives. So the facility’s staff came up with a solution: Patients who didn’t want their friend or loved one to know the outcome are issued a green bracelet with “HIPPA” on it. 

Nurses go over the findings of the procedures with the patients with green bracelets before their ride is brought back to the recovery room. The people who are giving the rides are only told about the patients’ discharge instructions. 

An accreditation consultant who was prepping OC Digestive for an upcoming visit by The Joint Commission loved the idea and said they would recommend it to their clients.

“Our satisfaction surveys show that patients are happier with the new process,” says Nicole Christ, RN, the center’s managing director. “It puts them in more control of their own health information.” OSM