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So You Want to Build an ASC
You too can become a surgicenter success story.
Stan Herrin
Publish Date: October 10, 2007   |  Tags:   Facility Construction and Design

By now, you've certainly heard the success stories. A group of ophthalmologists, fed up with bureaucracy and looking to gain more control over care, build their own ambulatory surgery center and end up doubling their volume. A community hospital, searching for a way to keep their surgeons, joint venture with an orthopedics group to develop an ASC and suddenly attract business from three counties over. An ENT surgeon with an entrepreneurial bent builds a small, single-specialty facility, which, two years later, becomes a multispecialty center known for its top-quality patient care and stellar staff.

If you are a physician or businessperson who has followed the growth of the ambulatory surgery center industry, you may be wondering how you can become a success story too. The good news is that building an ASC is well within your reach. In the pages that follow, you'll find step-by-step advice on everything from deciding whether you should build a surgery center to surviving your first six months in one. You'll learn how to overcome formidable challenges-from dealing with certificate of need laws to passing your first accreditation survey. You can also shop through an amazing array of products and services offered by companies who want to lend a helping hand.

Most importantly, you'll find the collective wisdom of dozens of consultants, architects, healthcare experts, and ASC owners who have built this thriving industry over the past 30 years, growing it from a single facility in 1970 to more than 3,450 today. We hope that you'll find their advice useful as you begin your own ventures. Best of luck in your endeavors!

Stan Herrin, Publisher