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When We Laugh, We Let Out Little Puffs of Pain
Don't miss the hilarious and heartwarming humor of Bobbie Staten, RN, CSP.
Bobbie Staten
Publish Date: May 22, 2014
OR Excellence
Bobbie Staten, RN, CSP Bobbie Staten, RN, CSP

Speaker Profile

  • Nationally known motivational humorist.
  • Holds the Certified Speaking Professional credential of the National Speakers Association.
  • Holds both a Bachelor of Nursing and a Master of Public Health degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Bobbie Staten, RN, CSP, knows your stress and feels your pain. Her first 5 years out of nursing school, she had 15 jobs. She didn't like them and they didn't like her either. For years she felt unfulfilled. She was unhappy and it showed. Once a chronic dieter — "the rhythm method of girth control," she says — and an ex-2-pack-a-day smoker, Ms. Staten talks of turning her life around, of having the courage to take responsibility for finding your own happiness. It helps to laugh at yourself.

  • What's an hour like with you? It's hilarious. It's heartwarming. It's motivational and uplifting. I'll have you laughing and I'll leave you thinking. It's everyday humor about life, stress and life balance.
  • On relating to an audience of surgical facility leaders. My background as a nurse and business entrepreneur let me see firsthand the pain, stress and frustration that so many people experience at home and work. I'm uniquely qualified. I began my career as a nurse and have held positions of head nurse, nursing supervisor and nursing instructor. I was stressed for a long, long time because I couldn't find the parts of the job that I liked. Many people are in pain, both physically and emotionally. This pain is based on fear of change, of loss of security, trouble with relationships, parenting, health and work.
  • Little "puffs of pain." It takes time before we can laugh at a bad thing. I encourage people to collapse the time and to learn to laugh quicker. When you have your health, family and priorities balanced, life just seems to fall into place. For the few times when it doesn't — laugh! Learn to use laughter to let out little puffs of pain.
  • On stress. You get to decide what you let stress you, what you let into your circle and get to you. Nurses take care of everybody but themselves. It's critical to find parts of your job to love again. You're not doing a prison term.
  • The take-home message. Beneath the laughter, my message is simple and as old as time. If you have your health and your family, you just about have it all. So lighten up. Take your work, but not yourself, so seriously.

5 Fun Facts About Bourbon Street

OR Excellence in New Orleans
  • Originally a quiet residential street, Bourbon Street (French: Rue des Bourbon) was populated first by jazz clubs, and then by some of the more risqué establishments that have earned it an infamous reputation.
  • Extends 13 blocks from Canal Street to Esplanade Avenue and is in the heart of New Orleans' oldest neighborhood, the French Quarter.
  • What you'll find: traditional jazz clubs, strip joints, restaurants, bars of every type and souvenir shops. Popular bars include Pat O'Brien's, Johnny White's, The Famous Door, Spirits on Bourbon, Razzoo and The Cats Meow. Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo is located on the corner of St Ann.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, Bourbon Street is not named after the Kentucky whisky. When the city was founded, it was named after the French Royal Family, the "House of Bourbon," which produced a number of French kings, including Louis XIV.
  • Though largely quiet during the day, Bourbon Street comes alive at night. They say the party literally never stops on Bourbon Street. Local open container laws in the French Quarter allow drinking alcoholic beverages in the street.