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Advances in Abdominal Surgery Robots
The prospect of new platforms coming online could lead to an increased use of robotics in outpatient facilities.
Adam Taylor
Publish Date: April 9, 2021   |  Tags:   Robotic Assistance
GREAT SEAT Performing surgery while sitting at a robotic console allows surgeons to operate mechanical arms that have elbow- and wrist-like joints for better control in tight spaces.   |   Cleveland Clinic

A number of converging factors are making robotic abdominal surgery an intriguing prospect for many outpatient facilities. Intuitive's patents on the da Vinci robot, which has had the market cornered since 2000, are expiring. That's opening the door for new companies with streamlined platforms to emerge, and the increased competition offers the promise of less expensive robots, perhaps even affordable enough for surgery centers not affiliated with large hospital systems to purchase. More surgeons might soon have the opportunity to perform robotic-assisted surgery in an ever-widening field of procedures that produce shorter recovery times, lower wound infection risks, fewer hernias and less pain.

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