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Give Everyone a Role in MH Prevention Training
Task cards ensure your team is ready to respond during a malignant hyperthermia crisis.
Dilara Koksal, BSN, RN, CPN I
Publish Date: August 23, 2021   |  Tags:   Anesthesia Patient Safety Staff Training and Education
PROPERLY PREPARED Creating role responsibility cards specific to a small-staffed ambulatory center prepared the staff at Children’s National Ambulatory Surgery Center to tackle an MH crisis.   |   Dilara Koksal

While the staff at our small outpatient center performed yearly malignant hyperthermia (MH) simulation training, many of us agreed that we could be doing more. MH is a severe reaction to certain drugs used for anesthesia that can cause dangerously high body temperature, muscle rigidity, muscle spasms, a rapid heart rate and potentially death, so we never wanted to feel unprepared to handle a crisis.

During a simulation training last year, our staff was confused about who should be doing what. That’s what prompted us to revamp our MH training by creating role responsibility cards specific to a small-staffed ambulatory surgery center. If you’re in a similar situation, our method could be just what you need to be fully prepared in the event of a real-life MH event.

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