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Boomers Trigger Hip Surgery Boom
There's tremendous opportunity to capitalize on an aging population’s demand for joint replacements.
Brian O’Neill, MD, FAAOS
Publish Date: September 20, 2021   |  Tags:   Orthopedics
Meneghini Hip
EASY ACCESS Surgeons perform hip replacements through the posterior, direct lateral or direct anterior approach.
Baby boomers are getting older and have no intention of suffering through debilitating hip pain during their golden years. Perhaps in the past, older individuals put up with the chronic discomfort of joint arthritis, but I’m caring for an increasing number of boomers who want new hips so they can get up, get moving and get on with their lives. Aging boomers are increasing the already high demand for hip replacements — I perform around 350 procedures each year, many of them in an outpatient facility — and in order to keep pace while maintaining quality outcomes, your facility needs to conduct thorough pre-op screenings, have the proper equipment in place and offer impeccable patient-centered care before, during and after procedures.
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