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Mastering the Multimodal Approach
Opioid-sparing pain management protocols are contributing to the steady increase in outpatient total joint procedures.
Carol Katarsky | Contributing Editor
Publish Date: September 20, 2021   |  Tags:   Pain Management Patient Experience Orthopedics
Local Injection
COMFORTABLY NUMB Local injections target nerve endings where patients will experience pain to provide hours of relief during the initial post-op period.   |   Pamela Bevelhymer

Total joint replacements have long been recognized as one of the more painful surgeries patients undergo. Thanks to the widespread use of multimodal pain management protocols, an increasing number of patients are walking out of facilities on the same day they have their procedures done. These protocols allow you to provide better care that leads to improved outcomes, earlier ambulation and more satisfied patients. Perhaps most importantly, by reducing the need for opioids — and often requiring lower doses and shorter prescriptions when they are used — multimodal pain management is a vital tool at a time when opioid abuse is a national public health crisis.

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