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Make Prewarming a Priority
Prevent hypothermia and increase patient satisfaction by warming patients during all three phases of care.
Jared Bilski | Managing Editor
Publish Date: August 16, 2022   |  Tags:   Anesthesia Patient Experience Patient Safety Infection Prevention
Warm Blanket
PREEMPTIVE APPROACH While active warming is the most effective tactic available to mitigate the risks of hypothermia, providing patients with warmed blankets during the preoperative phase of the surgical journey is a great way to increase their satisfaction.   |   Pamela Bevelhymer

Preventing inadvertent perioperative hypothermia, a complication that can cause a host of problems such as vasoconstriction, tissue hypoxia and an increased likelihood of acquiring an SSI, ultimately comes down to keeping your patients warm throughout the entire surgical journey — not just when they’re in the OR. Many facilities go to great lengths to keep patients warmed intraoperatively, which makes sense. That’s when patients’ core body temperatures tend to plummet.

Unfortunately, the practice of prewarming, or warming the patient preoperatively, still doesn’t get the emphasis it deserves. And that’s a mistake on several levels. Not only does prewarming decrease the chances of inadvertent hypothermia, it’s also a universal patient-pleaser.

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