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Lessons in Service Excellence From the Mouse
Opening Keynote Sept. 29 | 1:15 p.m.
Publish Date: July 26, 2022   |  Tags:   OR Excellence
LEADING OFF Mr. Snow will be an entertaining keynote who plans to offer advice for hardwiring excellence into your facility’s culture.   |   Snow & Associates, Inc.

Who better to learn about delivering top-notch patient-centered care than from somebody who helped the Walt Disney World organization create experiences for its guests that create a lifetime of memories and passionate brand loyalty? Dennis Snow, a skilled teacher of customer service, employee development and leadership will kick off the OR Excellence conference with the opening keynote. 

He developed his passion for world-class customer service as a longtime executive at the Walt Disney World organization, where he taught Disney cast members and top execs his corporate philosophy that centers on service excellence. He also launched a division of the Disney Institute that was responsible for consulting with many of the world’s largest companies and generated repeat business of nearly 100%. On top of all that, Mr. Snow also co-authored two books: “Unleashing Excellence: The Complete Guide to Ultimate Customer Service” and “Lessons From the Mouse: A Guide for Applying Disney World’s Secrets of Success to Your Organization, Your Career and Your Life.”

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