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No Needless Sharps Injuries
Combining consistent education and clear communication with safety scalpels and disposal containers has kept us injury-free for two decades.
Kaylan Anderson, RN, BSNĀ 
LAST STEP Staff must place all needles and other sharps in a disposal container immediately after they have been used.

Not long after we opened the doors to our small outpatient center in 2004, we experienced our first sharps injury. That was just the wake-up call we needed to ensure the event was a one-off mistake and not an unfortunate byproduct of a busy, growing facility. Since then, we’ve expanded our services to include the treatment of an array of orthopedic conditions, such as total knees and hips, rotator cuff repairs and carpal tunnel release surgery. One thing we haven’t added to our repertoire, however, is more sharps injuries.

If you’re looking to bolster your own sharps safety efforts, here are the key safety components we use to keep our surgery center injury-free:

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