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Tools and Techniques Refining Hip Surgery
Approaching the hip from the front might be the preferred choice for many surgeons, but the traditional posterior approach still has its place.
Jess White | Contributing Editor
Publish Date: September 26, 2022   |  Tags:   Patient Experience Patient Safety Orthopedics
CHOICE CUTS Regardless of the approach surgeons take for total hip replacements, advances in tools and implants have made the procedures much safer for patients in the outpatient setting.

Total hip replacements, those life-changing surgeries that allow nearly immobile patients to enjoy a level of activity they thought was gone forever, are already some of the most common outpatient procedures performed across the country. Now, with the combination of more affordable, game-changing equipment and instrumentation, advances in surgical technique and an aging population, demand for total hip surgeries is slated to skyrocket.

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