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Looking Ahead to 2022 for Your Ambulatory Center
Outpatient Surgery Magazine Podcast

Welcome to the Outpatient Surgery Magazine Podcast, hosted by Bea Riemschneider Ebeling, Senior Director of Publications, Outpatient Surgery Division, AORN.

Outpatient Surgery Magazine would like to acknowledge the support of BD for sponsoring this Survey and Podcast. Survey respondents were Administrative Directors, Directors of Nursing and OR Managers from independent single and multi-specialty facilities and hospital outpatient departments. They answered survey questions that took a closer look at the impact of the past two years of COVID-19 and indicated their plans for 2022 and beyond. Read the Executive Highlights.

Looking Ahead to 2022 for Your Ambulatory Center - Sponsored by BD
Publish Date: May 4, 2022

This Podcast episode focuses on a Survey conducted in November/December 2021 that explores the attitudes of outpatient surgery community leaders as they reflect on critical planning for 2022 and the challenges they face.

The conversation takes a closer look at strategies being put in place for growth, education and training for staff as well as future planning. Our guest experts from BD are Jeremy Sloan and Meg Walter.

  • Survey respondents expect to see an increase in overall volumes in 2022 in their facilities. Orthopedics, ophthalmology, ENT and gastroenterology are the top current specialties offered – and growth is expected from several areas including orthopedics, neuro/spine and ophthalmology.
  • A key focus area by OR leaders expected in 2022 and beyond relates to onboarding and educating/training new staff, as leaders look to bring new staff onboard and train them in the protocols and specific workflow of their individual facilities.
  • OR leaders are planning on updating current equipment and instrumentation in 2022 and will depend on vendor partners to supply and train their team members on upgrades and new equipment.
  • A top impediment to growth is the continued supply challenges. Vendor partnerships offering flexibility and superior communication can aid in combating this ongoing concern.
  • Survey respondents prefer email and face-to-face contact with vendor partners going forward as only very limited in-person visits occurred in facilities in the last two years across the country.