ASC Leaders: 3 Keys to Operational Success

We know successful ASC management requires a strategic approach to business operations. However, the decisions required to keep your ASC in the black can be challenging to dial in. ASC management expert Ann Geier, MS, RN, CNOR, CASC, shares three operational areas of business management that every successful ASC leader should focus on.

  1. Have the right tools to successfully navigate the budget planning process.
    Be very familiar with your financial reports on how much you are spending and how much revenue is coming in because these reports tell you where most of your dollars are going and what you can control for future expenses, Geier advises. She suggests looking to your historical spending report for the previous year(s) and use a zero-based report, which adds an inflation percentage to your historical spend. Both reports support more realistic projections for budget planning.
  1. Practice strategic staffing with cross-training.
    To avoid a staffing shortage or surplus, cross-train your team members to cover more than one role, Geier stresses. For example, cross-train a PACU nurse for IV conscious sedation to have adequate staff when the surgical schedule is lighter, but pain management procedures are up. “Make sure discussion around flexibility with scheduling is covered when interviewing a potential hire so expectations are established from the beginning.”

  2. Build your inventory module first.
    Inventory management is critical in an ASC, Geier explains, because you have to do case-costing to be efficient, and to do this effectively you have to build out your inventory module in your software systems from the beginning. “Centers who thought they were too busy to do this before they opened their doors will live to regret it."

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