The Secret to Learning Evidence-Based Practice

AORN Director of Evidence-Based Perioperative Practice

Lisa Spruce, AORN Director of Evidence-Based Perioperative Practice

Are you looking for new ways to implement AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice?

I know the time it takes to successfully implement new approaches into policies and consistent practices. The implementation of guideline updates can take months and present obstacles, not to mention weighing heavily on our time and resources.

This fall we’re taking our guideline knowledge across the U.S. again through our series of implementation roadshows to help our perioperative colleagues meet with guideline experts to get these implementation tools and talk through the evidence behind the practices.

Each Guideline Implementation Workshop will provide you with the implementation education, templates, and other resources from Guideline Essentials, and will also provide direct interaction with the guideline authors to discuss the following topics:

  • Pressure Injury Prevention
  • Flexible Endoscope Processing
  • Prevention of Retained Surgical Items
  • Skin Antisepsis
  • Prevention of Hypothermia
  • Tissue Sealants & Hemostatic Agents

Topics vary by cities. More information is available here.

One of our biggest hurdles with implementation is truly understanding what the guideline changes are and then comparing that to what our facility is already doing. Our perioperative nursing specialists take the legwork out of this process by comparing old and new practices to help perioperative RNs clearly see where policies and practices need to change.

This is why I recommend attending one of our workshops, learning how to implement the guidelines, and putting those skills into practice inside the hands-on simulation area featuring product demonstrations from our sponsors.