10 Things Periop Nurses Are Thankful For

Publish Date: November 18, 2016

Give thanks

Perioperative nurses have many things to be thankful for. In honor of Thanksgiving, we asked Ramie Miller, an active AORN member who is a PRN night time Charge Nurse in the OR at South Louisiana's only Level One Trauma Center – University Medical Center (UMC) of New Orleans, to share her top 10 list of what she is most thankful for this year as a perioperative nurse. Ramie is also a writer and a blogger. You can follow her on Twitter at Cutting Edge Nurse @RamieMillerRN and plan to say “hello” to her at our Global Surgical Conference and Expo in Boston this coming April.

10. A 30-minute case that actually takes 30 minutes

9. Finding a parking spot close to the door on a rainy day

8. Getting the first pour from a freshly made pot of coffee

7. Having all the suture you need already in your case cart

6. Finding you’re paired for the day with your favorite scrub tech

5. Having your favorite tunes playing in your OR – all day

4. Doctors who say, "Don't answer that!" when their cellphone rings

3. Residents that help move the patient at the end of the case

2. Anytime an anesthesia staff member says, "Don't worry, I'll do it myself..."

1. A computer that works, all day, and never freezes – not even once.

We’d love to hear what you’re thankful for this year. Share your list on our Facebook page. Happy Thanksgiving to all perioperative nurses. We’re thankful for all you do to keep your patients safe.