AORN Executive Leadership Summit in New Orleans, March 24-27, 2018

Executive Leadership Summit

Nurse leaders today are expected to spearhead innovation – forging clinical and financial solutions.

Gain the knowledge and tools to effectively participate in C-suite conversations and leave prepared for the future of healthcare.

Eighty-seven percent of attendees implemented new practices just 90 days after attending the Executive Leadership Summit.  AORN Executive Leadership Summit in New Orleans, March 24-27, 2018.


Three days of learning from renowned speakers on critical topics for both new leaders and experienced executives. Plus, access to recordings of all concurrent education sessions held at the Executive Leadership Summit and Global Surgical Conference & Expo - up to one month after you return home.


Connect with over 600 perioperative leaders. You’ll have a chance to share challenges and solutions during session breaks in the private networking lounge.

Exhibit Hall, Extra Education, and Fun

As an attendee of the Executive Leadership Summit, you’ll gain access to the exhibit hall, education sessions, posters, and fun activities taking place at AORN’s Global Surgical Conference & Expo.

Session Topics

  • Change Strategies
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • Future of Surgical Services
  • Hiring Practices
  • Hot Topics
  • OR Construction
  • Surgeons Performance
  • Team Competence
  • And More!

Speaker Highlights

Value-Based Health Care and The Future of Surgical Services

David C. Chin, MD, MBA

Learn about the major federal and state health care policies that are driving value-based purchasing of health care. David Chin will share his insights on the key financial forces in the current health care system and their implications for the business of surgical services and what you need to consider to remain profitable.

Truths and Myths about Teams: Transforming Our Thinking about Competence

Lorelei Lindgard, PhD

The health care professionals community has embraced the notion of "expert teams" as critical to its clinical and educational mandates. But our conventional emphasis on individual competence is ill-suited to training and assessing teamwork. Using stories of clinical teamwork, this presentation describes some paradoxical truths and persistent myths about health care teamwork, and introduces the concept of “collective competence” as a way of making sense of both.

Disruptive Innovation in Health Care: How Innovation is Driving Surgical Efficiency, Safety, Waste, and is Now the New Epicenter in Health Care

Nicholas Webb

There are Four Future Shifts that will affect the “health care ecosystem” in a very big way. In fact, the shifts will determine the success or failure of both health care business and clinical models. These shifts include Disruptive Innovation, Consumerization, Connection Architecture, and Digital Disruption. The best hospitals and clinics are leveraging Innovation Best Practice, Patient Experience (PX) Design, and a wide range of enabling technologies to drive efficiencies and operational excellence while concurrently delivering world-class surgical quality, throughput, and efficiency. The best organizations in health care are leveraging innovative best practice and future-casting activities; future-proof their enterprise. Learn how to apply new best practices to drive growth, efficiencies, and practice success. This program will also provide key insights as to the future trajectory of supply, surgery, and the delivery of health care in a time of consumerization.

Great opportunity to discuss executive challanges among colleagues, Betty Bradford, 2017 attendee of the AORN Executive Leadership Summit. Attend the next one in New Orleans, March 24-27, 2018.
I learned how to get the attention of the CFO and have been able to successfully staff to AORN standards. Thank you! Mary K. 2017 attendee. Attend the next one in New Orleans, March 24-27, 2018.

Be see as the strategist you are at the AORN Executive Leadership Summit in New Orleans, March 24-27, 2018