Johnson & Johnson Launches Innovation Challenge

“I recently read that nurses make, on average, up to 27 work-arounds each shift,” said Melissa Fisher, perioperative nurse and Senior Manager of Clinical Education for Johnson and Johnson Medical Devices Companies. “As a nurse, have you ever felt you’re left to MacGyver?”

Fisher posed the question during AORN Opening Ceremony Saturday to more than 4,000 Global Surgical Conference & Expo attendees. “You’re laughing, so I know you know what I mean.”

“J&J, recognizing this spirit of creativity, advocacy, and nursing innovation, wants to recognize Perioperative Registered Nurses in a unique way,” she said, announcing the first-ever Perioperative RN QuickFire Challenge.

J&J is inviting the more than 40,000 AORN members and all the perioperative nurses located around the world to submit your unique ideas for new devices, health technologies, protocols or treatment approaches that have the power to profoundly impact patient care and human health.

The winning ideas can receive up to $100,000 in grants, access to mentoring, and coaching via Johnson & Johnson Innovation.

The best part? The idea still belongs to you.

Nurses can submit their innovative ideas around products or procedural improvements to Johnson & Johnson at