Conference Justification Tools

Download our customizable letters and budget worksheet to send to your supervisor. Find talking points and tips for making a successful case to attend the conference.

Tips on Justifying Budget Expense

Many travel and training budgets have been reduced which means that regardless of the merits of a conference, you’ll need to justify the expense. Here are some things to consider:

  • Focus on what you’ll specifically bring back to the organization as return for the investment.
  • Offer to prepare and deliver a short presentation and Q&A to your co-workers to share what you learned. That way others in your unit will get the benefits of your attendance, too.
  • Share the syllabus and speaker handouts with your co-workers. As an attendee, you have unlimited access to materials posted by speakers.
  • If you’re working to obtain or maintain your certification, remind your supervisor that this is a great way to earn contact hours and is less expensive than registering for separate conferences. It also requires less time away from the office.
  • Be ready with a plan that shows who could cover your shifts while you’re attending the conference.
  • Offer to apply for scholarships through the AORN Foundation, and to contact your local chapter to request funding.
  • Offer to share a room to reduce hotel expenses.
  • Check out the various rates AORN offers to see if you qualify for any of the lower rates or discounts.