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National Time Out Day 2019 - 15th Anniversary

National Time Out Day

National Time Out Day is June 10, 2020

Safe Surgery Together: For Every Patient, Every Time

Raise Awareness and Recommit to Time Out

As we continue to push through COVID-19 demands, Time Out remains an essential perioperative practice to assure patient safety. Whether you’re working in a crisis standard of care or have returned to the conventional standard of care, you can still take time with your surgical team to evaluate the strength of your Time Outs.

Use June 10th, National Time Out day, as an opportunity to commemorate your commitment to patient safety.

Speak Up

National Time Out Day raises awareness about a powerful tool that supports nurses’ ability to speak up for safe practices in the operating room.

The Time Out Day observance highlights your critical role in patient care and commitment to safety. It provides an opportunity to educate your community about this important practice so every individual can be a better-informed patient.

Learn More about Time Out Day

National Time Out Day 2019

Time Out Tip

Schedule a lunch-and-learn among the perioperative team and your facility’s leadership to “walk through” and assess your facility processes that could contribute to wrong-site, wrong-procedure, or wrong-patient surgeries.

Why Time Outs Matter

According to the Joint Commission, the most common issues involve:

  • Errors during scheduling
  • Verification/documentation errors
  • Distractions/rushing
  • Inconsistent site marking
  • Punitive safety culture
  • Time Out process errors

Party Help

Reach Out to Legislators

Legislators are often unfamiliar with what happens in an operating room. As legislation comes across their desks that impacts the OR, it is crucial that they understand the role of RN Circulators, particularly as advocates for safe surgery. The Time Out Day observance highlights your role in patient care and commitment to patient safety as the perioperative nurse caring for your patients. AORN encourages perioperative nurses to write to your legislators about the importance of taking a time out for every patient every time.

If you receive a response from your legislator, please let Jennifer Pennock, AORN Government Affairs Senior Manager, know.


Letter to the Editor

Send a letter to the editor of your local paper.