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Endow a Gift

Endowments provide a perpetual income stream that enables the Foundation to support some of our most popular programs each year.

Join OuR Heroes campaign

The AORN Foundation established the Join OuR Heroes campaign in 2008 to fund an endowment for the AORN Foundation. This five-year, $10 million endowment will be held in perpetuity and invested and managed conservatively with the goal of increasing the Foundation's annual revenue. Contributions to the campaign may be made as a one-time gift or pledged over a five-year period. Funds generated from this endowment will fund ongoing expenses and special projects.  

Endowed scholarships

Contributions to an endowed scholarship fund become investments whose earned income serves as a source on which AORN Foundation can draw. A portion of the invested income is given to the scholarship recipient and the remainder is reinvested in the original principal. An endowed scholarship can be established with a minimum gift of $25,000. The AORN Foundation gratefully acknowledges the following endowed scholarship donors: 

  • 3M Health Care Endowment
  • AORN e-Chapter Endowment
  • AORN Golden Gavel Endowment
  • Brenda C. Ulmer Endowment endowed by Valleylab
  • Buffalo Filter Endowment
  • Competency & Credentialing Institute Endowment
  • Covidien Endowment
  • Dennis R. Scanlan, Jr. Memorial Endowment
  • Dr. Jane C. Rothrock RNFA Endowment
  • Judith Pfister/Julia Kneedler Endowment
  • Kimberly-Clark Healthcare Endowment
  • Louisiana State Council of OR Chapters Endowment
  • Michael D.Corley Memorial Endowment endowed by the Exhibitors' Advisory Committee
  • Owens and Minor Endowment by AORN of Richmond
  • Patricia C. Seifert Perioperative Nursing Internship Endowment
  • President George H.W. Bush Endowment endowed by AORN of Greater Houston
  • Ruth P. Shumaker Endowment
  • Stackhouse Endowment
  • William A. Clarke Endowment

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