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Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices eBook

Keep the most current perioperative information at your fingertips 

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  • Ongoing updates – get the latest recommended practices pushed to your device as they become available throughout the year

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  • Search – keywords are highlighted for easy reference

  • Bookmarking – never lose your place

  • Links – directly access related implementation tools such as videos, webinars, and tool kits

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1-Year Subscription $165 $215
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The eBook is available on: 

  • Computer (Mac or PC/Windows; laptop or desktop)

  • Smartphone (iPhone, Android phones)

  • Tablet (iPad, Android tablets)

Subscriptions are in increments of 12 months and allow you to download the eBook to any two of the above devices. All recommended practices updates will automatically be pushed to your device(s) for the life of the subscription term. AORN eBook products cannot be returned or refunded.

Three simple steps to begin reading your AORN eBook:

  1. Purchase the eBook from the AORN Product Catalog.

  2. Upon eBook purchase, you will receive an email with download and activation instructions for the Mobile App. Download the free AORN eBooks App (from the confirmation email or the eBook Mobile App Download and Activation Instructions) for each device. Your subscription gives you access to the eBook on two devices.

  3. Log into the eBook Mobile App using your AORN username and password and begin reading the Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices!

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