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After opening the document you will find an area for entering your comments as shown here. PS Comment 2 

Click in this box and the following pop-up will appear.  

 PS comment


Enter your comments in the box that applies to the section immediately above the comment box.  When finished, click OK, and the comments will be saved to the system.  The comments will appear in red under each section.  Your comments are in bold and then other comments are in red but not in bold. 
If you are the first person commenting on the document or on the section you will not see any comments on the document.

AORN and the task force who wrote the document would like to thank you for your comments.  You will not receive a response for your comments unless the task force feels they need an explanation for the comment.  The AORN staff liaisons and the committee members are the only ones who can identify who made the comment.   

AORN recommends that you read the entire document prior to commenting on it.

This document is for member comment only.

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