Redesigning the Pre-Admission Process for Impact


Renae N. Battié, MN, RN, CNOR, Franciscan Health System
Tammy Dobson, BS, CMP, CSSBB, Franciscan Health System

Does your OR experience a high number of surgery cancellations, late starts, missing documentation, or last minute delays due to an ineffective preadmission process? Do you have patients arriving at the wrong time on day of surgery? Learn how a health system that includes five full-service hospitals and 82 surgeons' offices worked together to recreate a successful workflow with one standard set of processes to decrease rework and duplication, develop clear channels for communication, increase employee satisfaction, and improve the overall patient experience from surgeons offices to day of surgery.


  • Describe the challenges that prompted this large scale project and the level of staff involvement in the project. 
  • Explain the points of failure within the patient flow that were identified during this process and how they were addressed. 
  • Describe the return on investment of this process and its impact on day of surgery patient flow. 
  • Describe how the project manager role supports the successful implementation of a large scale project. 


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