Reasons to Attend

Why attend AORN's Surgical Conference & Expo 2014?

An economic downturn means tough decisions. Which programs to continue, postpone, or eliminate. How to trim costs while delivering more. And how to continue to grow and stay current.  These issues can’t wait - you need insight you can trust right now. Where do you go to get it? AORN Surgical Conference & Expo 2014.  Watch our sneak preview video for 2014.

Don't take our word for it, see what past attendees are saying...

 We are AORN video #1 

We are AORN video #3 

#1 Energize: 
"This event affirms that I am doing the right thing every day."   

#2 Innovate:  
I get new ideas and latest innovations to improve techniques at my facility." 

#3 Grow:
"This is where I learn about the latest in perioperative practice from the experts and grow my skills."  

#4 Engage:
"I have the opportunity to connect with my colleagues, and network." 

#5 Collaborate:
"I love the ability to collaborate with others to solve similar issues." 

#6 Solve: 
"I can find solutions to my challenges from professionals from all over the world." 

#7 Fun:
"I have so much fun at this event. Networking, re-energizing, and learning with my colleagues from all over the world." 

#8 Share:
"I can bring back what I learned and share with my colleagues." 

#9 Empower:
"Learning from the best of the best gives me confidence and empowerment to impact my practice." 

#10 Experience:
"I can immerse myself in perioperative techniques, knowledge, and insight."           


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