Exhibit Hall Education

In partnership with AORN, Pfiedler Enterprises is returning this year to provide education on the Exhibit Floor at the AORN Surgical Conference & Expo 2015 in Denver, CO. This is another exciting opportunity for Conference attendees to participate in accredited, professional, evidence-based learning.

What’s in it for you? 

  • Continuing education directed towards current nurse-related topics

  • Both workshops and study guides formats offered on the Exhibit Floor

  • Both CA State Nursing and IAHCSMM credits award with each educational course

  • Quick and easy course registration either online or through the onsite AORN Evaluation Center

Need more information?
Visit Pfiedler Enterprises online, by phone at (720) 748-6144, or by email.

Booth Project Title Educational Provider
421 8729 Why You Can't Count on Counts Alone: Rapid RSI Prevention and Miscount Reconciliation RF Surgical
621 8722 Surgical Site Infections: Operating in Today's Healthcare Environment Molnlycke Health Care
621 8749 Position for Prevention: Medical Devices and the Perioperative Patient Molnlycke Health Care
807 8748 The Perioperative Registered Nurse's Role in Increasing Patient Satisfaction Scores Depuy Synthes
932 8702 Unconscious Bias: Impact on Patients Pfiedler Enterprises
1002 8731 The Evolution and Sophistication of Sterile Processing ASP
1007 8712 Overcoming Obstacles to Smoke Plume Evacuation What's Stopping You? Buffalo Filter
1121 8733 Patient Safety and New Standards on Electrosurgical Insulation for Handheld Laparoscopic Instruments ConMed Corporation
1121 8734 Cleaning and Sterilization of Handheld Laparoscopic Instruments ConMed Corporation
1121 8735 Better Patient Outcomes with Insufflation Heating and Humidification ConMed Corporation
1134 8721 Surgical Tourniquet Safety Delfi Medical Innovations
1402 8708 Fluid Waste Management: Safety, Clinical and Environmental Considerations Zimmer
1402 8709 Personal Protective Equipment: A Focus on Surgical Helmet Systems Zimmer
1402 8710 Tourniquet Application Criteria: A Basic Approach Zimmer
1402 8711 Surgical Tourniquets in Orthopaedics: An In-Depth View Zimmer
1414 8724 Powdered surgical gloves: Is it time for a change? Cardinal Health
1414 8747 AAMI levels and surgical gowns; know if you're protected Cardinal Health
1414 8752 Effective Operating Room Inventory Management Cardinal Health
1414 8757 Principles of Bone Cement and the Process of Bone Cement Mixing Cardinal Health
1437 8726 Achieving Hemostasis: Information to Guide Hemostatic Agent Selection CryoLife
1541 8723 Best Practices for Cleaning & Disinfecting the OR Contec, Inc.
1634 8743 What you need to know about Acellular Dermal Matrices MTF
1634 8744 Human Tissue Isn't a Commodity: 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Tissue Bank MTF
1802 8719 An Evidence Based Approach to Reducing Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) Clorox
1809 8705 Validating Sponge Counts: Your Path to Zero Stryker
1809 8706 Smoke Evacuation/Dangers of Smoke Plume Stryker
1809 8707 Decontamination and Sterilization of Standard, Endoscopic, and Powered Surgical Instruments Stryker
1821 8755 Fast and Effective Cleaning Between Surgeries A Practical Evidence-Based Approach ECOLAB
1821 8756 The Role of Warm Irrigation Fluid in Hypothermia Prevention ECOLAB
1828 8725 Measuring Competency: Staying Current on Electrosurgery ERBE
2230 8736 Mind the Gap: Raising the bar with patient-focused warming strategies Encompass
2230 8737 Back to the Future: New Innovations in Reusable OR Textiles Encompass
2402 8727 Preparation of Instruments for Disinfection and Sterilization Ruhof
2402 8728 Best Practices for Cleaning Cannulated Instruments to Reduce the Risk of Cross Contamination Ruhof
2413 8717 Hazards of Glove Powders Ansell
2413 8718 Infection Control in the Operating Room Ansell
2421 8732 Surgical Headlights: Safety and Technology Review Integra
2702 8730 Confidence in Ethylene Oxide Sterilization: How to Know Your Device is Truly Sterile Medline
2702 8742 Prevention of Skin and Deep Tissue in the Perioperative Department Medline
2921 8753 Non-muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer: Overview, Diagnosis and Treatment Olympus
2921 8754 Driving Efficiencies with 3D Imaging & Integration in Today's High Tech Operating Rooms Olympus
3202 8741 Techniques and Principles of Patient Positioning on an OR Table Maquet
3202 8745 Planning a New Hybrid OR? Considerations for Design, Critical Equipment, & Key Personnel Maquet
3207 8720 EPIDEMIC ANXIETY: Strategies for OR Preparedness Halyard Health
3208 8750 Early Prepping: Nose to Toes in Preop Holding Sage Products
3208 8751 Moving Patients Just Got Simple: Best Practice Guidelines Sage Products
3428 8740 Preventing Electrosurgical Burns During Laparoscopy Encision
3602 8715 Current Issues in Patient Positioning: Best Practices for Safety in the OR Hill-Rom, Allen, Aspen & Trumpf
3902 8738 Instrument Care & Handling Boot Camp: Laparoscopy - Let's Take a Lap! Symmetry Surgical
3902 8739 Update in Electrosurgery: Keeping It Current Symmetry Surgical
3912 8746 The Top Five Ways to Improve Efficiencies in the OR Karl Storz
3921 8714 Perioperative Hemostasis: Patient Strategies and Outcomes Baxter
4034 8704 Preventing Hypothermia Medical Solutions, Inc.
4202 8701 The Why, How and Challenges Associated with Donor Acceptance Criteria LifeNet Health
4202 8716 Osteobiologics: Bone Physiology and Healing LifeNet Health
4409 8713 Conduit Quality Counts: Endoscopic Vein Harvesting Best Practices and Strategies Terumo Cardiovascular
Resource Center 8703 The Perioperative Registered Nurse: Patient and Family Engagement AORN

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