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For a visit from the Current Board of Directors, submit an application.


Board Visit Policies 
The following procedures have been developed to assist both the AORN Board and chapter and state council leaders in scheduling, financing, and promoting AORN Board visits. All chapter and state council Board visits will be managed by AORN Executive Staff.

Chapter Responsibilities

  1. Chapters must complete a Board Visit Application and apply for a Board member to visit their chapter.
  2. All applications will be reviewed by the Chapter Relations Coordinator and forwarded to the Board Visits Task Force. Upon review, the Task Force will forward all approved applications to the AORN Board.
  3. Once a Board member has been selected or volunteers to do the chapter visit, that Board member will contact the chapter via e-mail or telephone within two (2) weeks after notification of approved visit.
  4. Visiting Board member will send their presentation, biography, and objectives to the chapter contact.
  5. Chapter contact will submit all appropriate information (presentation, bio, objectives, etc) for contact hour approval, evaluation, and certificate.
  6. The chapter agrees to pay for hotel accommodations and meals, except for the Chapter of the Year. Board members’ housing accommodations should be in a hotel that is in a safe area with internal corridors. Chapters with limited funds may ask for financial assistance from either AORN or the AORN Foundation. This will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.
  7. Chapter contact will communicate hotel information to visiting Board member.
  8. Chapters should publicize (newsletters, fliers, chapter web pages) the educational offering in advance in order to enhance participation.
  9. Chapters are encouraged to take full advantage of the Board member’s visit as a recruitment/retention tool by sending invitations to schools of nursing, hospital administrators in the area, and AORN members and affiliate members.

State Council Responsibilities 

  1. All state councils who would like a Board visit must complete a Board Visit Application in order to be considered.
  2. State councils scheduling a Board member to speak at their state meeting must inform AORN Executive Staff and the Chapter Relations Coordinator of the dates prior to Board member acceptance.
  3. Collaboration of state council visits and state chapters are advised, as to cut down on expenses (possibly share expenses) and get the most exposure for the time (and financial) commitment.
  4. Non-affiliated state councils are responsible for all Board members’ expenses. Affiliated state councils are eligible for assistance on a case-by-case basis.

Board Member Responsibilities 

  1. Once a Board member has been selected to do the Board visit, that Board member will contact the chapter/state council contact via e-mail or telephone within two (2) weeks after notification of visit.
  2. Board members will inform AORN Executive Staff of the chapter/state council visit dates once officially scheduled.
  3. Visiting Board member will send their presentation, biography, and objectives to the chapter/state council contact.
  4. Board members should make flight arrangements early and are encouraged to choose the least costly method of transportation that also meets their scheduling needs. Use of AORN’s contracted travel agencies is required except in unusual situations.
  5. All Board arrangements will be discussed and finalized with the chapter/state council contact before the Board member’s scheduled visit.

Scheduling Board Visits (AORN Staff Details and Responsibilities) 

  1. The Chapter Relations Coordinator will notify chapter presidents/state council chairs via e-mail and the Chapter Leader Bulletin regarding the possibility of having a Board visit. All information will be available online.
  2. Ten (10) chapter/affiliated state council visits will be budgeted per year.
  3. AORN Executive Staff/Board will be sensitive to schedule those Board members whose geographic location is closest to the chapter/state or, if not applicable, choose a Board member who has not visited many chapters/state councils, giving all Board members equal exposure, shared experience, and the opportunity for new Board members to present.
  4. Visiting Board member will not have a “canned presentation.” All Board presentations will reflect the expertise/passion of the Board member, with a possible two to three additional slides at the end of the presentation with AORN benefits, new information, etc. 

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