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Chapter Accountability Standards



AORN National Headquarters wishes every Chapter to be successful, healthy in leadership, and active within their communities and AORN. Within the many differences of each Chapter, there must be some consistencies. The 2013 AORN House of Delegates passed an addition to the AORN Bylaws, Article IX, Section 1, that all “Chapters must meet the Chapter Accountability Standards.” Below are the Chapter Accountability Standards. These Standards ensure that Chapter members are provided the highest level of service for their dues, decreasing the risk of liability and integrity issues for the Chapter.   


Chapter Accountability Standards - These Standards must be provided to AORN Chapter Relations Coordinator every year. 

  • Maintain tax exempt status through annual filling of the IRS 990 form. 
  • Provide proof of Chapter 990 filing to AORN Chapter Relations. 
  • Notify AORN Chapter Relations regarding election results within one month of the election. There must be a minimum of three Chapter officers: President, Vice President or President-Elect, and Secretary/Treasurer or a combination of these offices with three different individuals. Additional elected officers are specified by each Chapter in their bylaws.  
  • Maintain active status for all officers, not allowing their AORN membership to lapse during their term of office. 
  • Update bylaws annually or bi-annually to ensure current practices are reflected and changes that occurred in National Bylaws at Congress are incorporated.  
  • Provide AORN Chapter Relations a copy of the updated bylaws. 
  • Conduct a minimum of three educational meetings with contact hours annually. This includes, but is not limited to, face-to-face meetings, webinars, toolkits, and/or conference calls. Contact hour exceptions may occur if state does not require continuing education of RN licensure. 
  • Provide one copy of most recent business meeting minutes to AORN Chapter Relations per year. 
  • Provide full disclosure of financials to all Chapter members (online or at Chapter meeting). 
  • Provide a yearly financial report to AORN Chapter Relations to demonstrate appropriate use of funds.  
  • Provide proof of a stand-alone or ORNurseLink Chapter group web page with current events, officers, and contact information.  
  • Adopt a Code of Ethics and Conduct to protect your Chapter members from unprofessional behaviors. 
  • Follow AORN’s Privacy Policy (eg, no sharing of Chapter member contact information without member’s individual consent). Email and contact information may only be used for Chapter and AORN-related business and informational purposes.  


  •  Inactive Chapters do not service members who pay Chapter dues.  
  • Chapter and AORN’s integrity could be jeopardized if Chapter bylaws do not reflect current practices or if parts of bylaws do not coincide with AORN National Bylaws (ie, Article II, III, and XII). 
  • Chapter members deserve a specified level of service from Chapter dues.  

AORN has the authority to conduct a Chapter audit at any time to determine viability and representation of AORN. Notice will be given to the Chapter of any necessary corrective actions that must be taken and all funds will be withheld until audit’s completion. If a Chapter does not meet these standards, it could result in Chapter disbandment. Failure to respond to audit notification will result in disbandment.


To be in compliance with these Standards, please provide AORN Chapter Relations with the requested documents/information (above) annually. Documents should be from the current or previous year. Contact AORN Chapter Relations Coordinator Deb Warren at (800) 755-2676, Ext. 222, if you have questions.






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